Isabel Hall
showcasing mixed media & textile art, stitch by stitch!
  cornfield stitching on top of paper stitches   castle on the hill cocoon stripping paper bag   pickering fresco bowl   musical box colourcraft relief paste and washable pva  
  scallop shell evening purse light moulding paste   reliquary box soft sculpture with printed images - Copyright Glasgow Museum   Celtic design appliquéd to bubble wrap   Fish recipe book - Painted baby wipes  
  Undergrowth - scrim, paper, cocos fibres   Medieval inspirations - Cocoon stripping paper, encaustic wax   Fossils - CS500 Crash   Saxon reliquary box – light moulding paste  
  palace of light, cocoon stripping paper vessel   Field of Cloth of Gold   Misty Moors   Queen  
  bluebell woods, layers of embroidery   Rose Vase   Newspaper Bag   Pompeii  

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